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Shahe Haisheng Glass Co., Ltd.
Shahe Haisheng Glass Co., Ltd.
Brand name
Main products glass
Annual sales USD 180,000,000.00
Date of establishment 2011-04-11
Number of employees 1300 Persons
Number of R&D staff 56 Persons
Number of quality inspectors 32 Persons
Area of factory 23000 ㎡
Brief Introduction

Shahe Haisheng Glass Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, registered capital of 50 million Yuan, which is the branch of Hebei Haisheng Industrial Group.Since its establishment, we invested 180 million Yuan to built four high-end glass production lines; which are respectively two color 550 tons coated glass lines; two 600 tons online Low-E coating float glass lines, as well as two sets 9500kw/h waste heat power generation facilities. We have more than 1300 employees, with an annual output of 7 million weight boxes of color coated glass, 4.2 million weight boxes quality high white float glass, 3.8 million weight boxes Low-E glass; our sales revenue reached 1.9billion Yuan, annual profits and taxes reached 380million Yuan. We adopts advanced manufacturing technique, make technical renovation on traditional furnace design, furnace charge ratio, so that it becomes more energy-saving and environmental protection; the new technology fills the gap in the production area of stained glass; it is the first in the North China; the color varieties, transparency and other aspects have reached domestic advanced level and are widely used in high-grade buildings, luxury furniture, decoration field, covering a higher market share; which contributed to the glass product structure and improved the international competitiveness. Our current products are mainly Haisheng green, Ford blue, Haisheng grey sheet and coated, which are sold in many cities, the export share is rising gradually.

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Brief Introduction
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